Welcome and how may I help you?

Hello, I look forward to developing this space with the intent of telling you a bit of my story so that we may connect and utilize our collective abilities.  I have removed my old portfolio-based site to begin the adventure of a new web presence.

Currently, I have uploaded a very minimal gallery of works but promised to have a more comprehensive portfolio here in the near future.  In addition, I am very excited to utilize this website to present a diary of all my projects from conceptions through creation.  My work is varied and I wish to share the bigger picture with you.

Perhaps my design or craft would benefit you or someone you know.  If you see something of interest, contact me.  I welcome your inquiries of collaborations, commissions, contract work, and consultation.

I’m here and you are there.  Let’s make this happen!


4 thoughts on “Welcome and how may I help you?

    • Hi Sarah- It is nice hearing from you and it was nice meeting you. What size do you desire and what content is of your interest? Thank you for the inquiry, it is flattering. I have been looking at your website and really enjoy much of the work presented.

  1. Hi Timothy,

    It was great to see you at the sign painters movie. I am painting my house and looking to have a new house number put on my house. I could do it but it would be nice to have a piece of you here. It would be 2 numbers – 26 done on a board I think as I have vertical siding and it would be uneven but open to ideas. Do you ever trade?

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

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