Arrowmont Class Oct. 30 – Sept. 6, 2012

I had the great opportunity to teach woodworking at a phenomenal craft school, twice this year.  Arrowmont School of Art & Craft, located in the wonderfully weird setting of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, brought me on to teach a long weekend course in the Spring and a week long class this Fall.

The Spring class was titles Carve It Unique and focused on shaping and carving wood using hand tools, power tools, and machines.  It was fantastic and the students were a treat.
The Fall course, Mirrors: See Yourself As A Woodworker, was a week of being delighted by my students’ sincere interest, natural abilities, hardwork, and fantastic attitudes.  We studied the foundations of furniture making with wood through projects focused on making mirrors.  While the students already had a good foundation in basic and intermediate woodworking, they were completely receptive to relearning from the beginning with a new perspective.  We moved through machining to joinery, then design to carving, and had many demonstrations focused on what each individual desired to learn and create.

Anne’s first project in the course was this mitered frame.  It was her first time carving. . . awesome!

The students really took to carving and ended up really focusing on taking these capabilites into their designs.

John working on a really attractive and interesting project.  It is compromised of heavily carved layers, with the pattern of each layer wonderfully complementing each other.  This was John’s first carving experience, too!

Anne making it happen:

I am so thankful to have had these opportunities this year.  Teaching is incredibly rewarding and I am ecstatic to be on my journey as a teacher.
You should check out Arrowmont School of Art & Craft. . .it is a special place with lots to offer.


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